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Hi, Welcome to our site, Whether you are here on purpose or just happen to fall upon us, we want to make you welcome and say thank you and as you are here why not have a browse through to see if we can help you.   

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Current promotion running till 31-08-2022 

10 hours for £98

20 hours for £180 




Who: Children aged 8-11/12  can complete the online  

1-week programs or weekend programs.

Children aged 12 -14/15 can attend all courses inc. 

1 weeks programs, 2 weeks programs and weekend programs. 


step 1. Complete the online registration form and you will receive a confirmation email and login details. 

Step 2.  Decide which program dates you want to attend register on and pay safely and securely directly through the booking system. 7

Programs will be led by qualified TEFL Teachers using online platforms, providing students with 60 minutes of fun and engaging sessions 

Monday to Friday

Parents and Guardians are asked to commit to having their children attend all days of the program. 

Additional information. 

Each student will have many opportunities for fun and engaging learning in every session of the program. 

These will include a variety of activities including one virtual field trip per week. 

Have fun building English language skills! 

Each group will have a maximum of 4 students per class, students will benefit from great teachers who want to help each student achieve success. Students will have opportunities for 1:1 and small group learning, which will include speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. 

Learning will include live teaching through online platforms, home activities and teacher-led virtual experiences.


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